Student association of Electrical Engineering at Tampere University since 1968.

Working for the benefit of electrical engineering students since 1968

Sähkökilta ry, or more informally Skilta, is a registered association working for the benefit of its members according to its official rules. Sähkökilta is mainly aimed for electrical engineering students at Tampere university but students from other fields of study are also welcome to participate in all activities of the guild. The board members and officials of Sähkökilta take care of the day-to-day operation of the guild.

The guild room of Sähkökilta is located at the Hervanta campus of Tampere university. The guild is in Sähkötalo, in front of the FabLab workshop and Juniversity. The campus map which you can find here may be helpful when navigating to the guild room. At the guild room you can, for example, enjoy a cup of free coffee included in the membership fee, study with friends, relax by playing some games on various game consoles, take a nap between lectures or buy something small to eat or drink.

You can also buy Sähkökilta's overalls badges and other products from the office at the guild room. If you'd like to buy something but there's no one at the office, you can probably find some board members from the guild room or from the Sähkökilta Telegram group.

Join the guild

By becoming a member of the guild, you can use all of the benefits available to members. These include, among other things, free coffee included in the membership fee, all equipment such as game consoles available in the study and hangout spaces at the guild as well as access to the mailing list of the guild. The mailing list is used to inform members about relevant things such as job opportunities and activities of the guild itself. Last but not least, there are always pleasant people spending time at the guild!

You can become a member of the guild by paying the annual membership fee by. We prefer payments with MobilePay or via wire transfer, but cash is also accepted at the guild room. A proof of payment and member information required for the member registry can be submitted to the guild via this form. The form also contains more information on how to pay the membership fee. If you have questions regarding the membership or membership fee, please contact our communications official via E-mail: viestintavastaava(at)skilta.fi.

Are you an alumnus of Sähkökilta?

By joining Sähkökillan Alumni ry you can maintain and expand your professional and social network even after graduation. The association organizes various events where all members are welcome. These events include Wappusaunas and business visits among others. The alumni association also keeps in touch with Sähkökilta by organizing joint events, for example. You can join Sähkökillan Alumni ry already during your studies.

You can find more information about Sähkökillan Alumni ry from their website at https://skillanalumni.fi. You can also contact the alumni official of Sähkökilta via E-mail: alumni(at)skilta.fi.

Are you interested in renting equipment of Sähkökilta?

Equipment of Sähkökilta can be rented out to, for example, associations at Tampere University. The up-to-date list of existing reservations can be found in the equipment rental calendar. If you would like to rent equipment of Sähkökilta, please contact our equipment official.

Lauri Koppström
Guild room official

Apply to the board of Sähkökilta

The daily activities of Sähkökilta are handled by the board which consists of the actual board and officials. An annual general assembly of the guild selects a new chairperson and a new board for the guild each year. One of the first tasks of a new board is to select new officials for the following year. Together the actual board and officials take care of daily tasks such as arranging events, communicating information to guild members, economics of the guild and promotion of students' interests among other things.

Sähkökilta ry is a registered association, so by joining as a board member or official, you can gain valuable and universally applicable experience in how associations operate. This kind of experience is also useful after you graduate. In addition, you get to meet new people, gain unforgettable experiences with other board members and officials as well as take responsibility in various activities of the guild.

Ongoing board member searches

No ongoing searches

Closed board member searches

No closed searches


The common E-mail address for the board of Sähkökilta is hallitus(at)skilta.fi. You can find the individual E-mail addresses and other contact information from the Board and Officials sections. You can also send anonymous or non-anonymous feedback from th Feedback page.

Sähkökilta ry
Korkeakoulunkatu 3
33720 Tampere, Finland
Business ID: 3080583-8


Instructions for invoicing Sähkökilta ry can be found from this document. The instructions are unfortunately only available in Finnish.

Board 2021

Kaisa Vornanen
Chair of the Board
Member of the Board
Paju Virtanen
Communications Executive
Member of the Board
Sanna Grundström
Member of the Board
Janne Nousiainen
Tutor Executive
Member of the Board
Kaisa Kjellman
Member of the Board
Tommi Myller
Refeshment Executive
Member of the Board
Kirsi Vilkko
Event Executive
Member of the Board
Paavo Asikainen
Corporate Relations Executive
Member of the Board
Kristian Osara
Member of the Board
Tuukka Ruhanen
Food Executive
Member of the Board
Lauri Lehtonen
International FuksiCaptain
Member of the Board

Officials 2021

Lauri Lehtonen
Anniversary Official
Sonja Myllynen
Corporate relations official
Simo Hailla
Corporate relations official
Sophie Tötterström
Kalle Luotola
TEK contact person
Aurora Kaaja
Guild room official
Mikko Rauhanen
Food and Drink Official
Paavo Södergård
Assistant Treasurer
Akseli Kolari
Aleksander Ilves
Graphic designer
Maija Luukko
Aurora Kaakkolammi
Lauri Erkkilä
Sports official
Mazin Alqawas
International Official
Juho Elovaara
Renovation Official
Antti-Jussi Mäkipää
Renovation Official
Salla-Mari Palokari
Equality Official
Inka Juntunen
Event official
Joona Björklund
Event official
Suvi Suominen
Event Official & Graphic Designer
Toni Telin
Editor-in-Chief of Sähkösanomat
Simo Soininen
Ellinoora Toivonen
Well-being Official & Mother of Fuksis
Marja Vilkko
Refreshment Official
Aleksi Mattila
Lassi Vuotari
Strategy Consultant
Juhani Mäkinen
Tommi Lumpo
Fuksi Captain
Sonja Myllynen
Fuksi Official
Sanna Grundström
Anniversary Official
Katariina Koski
Food and Drink Official
Jarno Saarinen
Food and Drink Official
Noa Ahl
Food and Drink Official
Lauri Alalammi
Food and Drink Official
Endrit Isufi
Food and Drink Official
Eero Talus
Jere Lilja
Alumni contact person
Joel Tuomisto
Fuski Official 2020-2021


Skilta members of the year

"Skilta Member of the Year is a title that can be awarded annually to one of the Guild’s full members who has proven during the past year to be approachable, inspiring to other members, and interested in the Guild’s matters."

Sanna Grundström, 2023
Antti-Jussi Mäkipää, 2022
Lari Leino, 2021
Marja Vilkko, 2020
Mikko Kauhanen, 2019
Iiro Vuorio, 2018

Honorary members

"Persons who have significantly promoted and supported the Guild’s activities can be invited, at the board’s request, to join the Guild as honorary members by a three-fourths (3/4) majority of the Guild meeting."

Salla-Mari 'salmari' Palokari, 2023
Mikko Eronen, 2023
Juho Elovaara, 2023
Mikko 'kauha' Kauhanen, 2023
Pia Hu­ma­la­jo­ki, 2018
Kir­si Nousiai­nen, 2018
Susan­na Ke­to­la, 2018
Min­na Niit­ty­mä­ki, 2018
Juha Toi­vo­nen, 2018
Ilk­ka Saar­nio, 2013
Mik­ko Sa­ran­saa­ri, 2013
Jou­ni Aal­to­nen, 2013
Han­na-Mari Aalto (os. Pekkala), 2013
Rai­mo Yli­va­ke­ri, 2013
Lau­ri Ket­tu­nen, 2008
Mari Mar­ja­mä­ki, 2008
Pasi Sy­vä­nen, 2004
Sami Pie­ni­mä­ki, 2002
Mer­vi Ur­ta­mo, 2001
Jarl-Thu­re Eriks­son, 2000
Mar­kus Rau­man, 1999
Gunnar Graeffe, 1999
Samu Onkalo, 1997
Timo Raitalaakso, 1997
Sami Kortelainen, 1997
Kai Vuokko, 1996
Markku Tavasti, 1993
Olli Junnila, 1993
Mat­ti Sie­vä­nen, 1993
Arto Koivula, 1991
Juha Pohjoinen, 1991
Timo Lepistö, 1986
Olavi Ojala, 1982
Veli Turkulainen, 1982
Leo Suomaa, 1982
Aimo Reinikainen, 1982
Osmo Eerola, 1982
Osmo Hassi, 1982

Badges of merit

"The Silver Badge of Merit may be awarded, at the Honours Committee’s suggestion and by the decision of the Guild’s board, to persons and entities who have promoted the Guild's ambitions through their selfless actions."

Eero Talus, 2023
Aleksi Mattila, 2023
Ossi Ala­pi­ha, 2018
Iiro Vuo­rio, 2018
Toni "Mur­re" Heik­ki­nen, 2013

Guild standards

"The standard may be awarded, at the Honours Committee’s suggestion and by the decision of the Guild’s board, to persons and entities who have promoted the Guild's ambitions through their work or actions."

Elenia, 2023
Aalto-yliopiston Sähköinsinöörikilta, 2023
Oulun Sähköinsinöörikilta, 2023
Lappeenrannan Sähköteekkareiden yhdistys, 2023
Merus Power, 2023
Tampereen teknillisen yliopiston TST-tiedekunta, 2018
Koneenrakentajakilta, 2018
Tampereen Tietoteekkarikilta, 2018
Danfoss, 2018
ABB, 2018

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