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Hello there new fuksis! Welcome to study electrical engineering at Tampere University. This page is for new ”fuksis” = freshmen. This page contains useful information for the first week of your studies and a short encylopedia of Electrical Engineering.

We fuksi officials, Eemil and Lauri, and amazing tutors will ensure your first year of studies will be unforgettable. Our goal is to show you the sercrets of university studies and the ways of ”teekkari” culture. If you have anything on your mind, feel free to contact us via Telegram (Eemil) @fuksikapu and (Lauri) @fuksipaimen.

A day before the official orientation week, we have an event called ”Headstart”. This amazing get together is held on Sunday 21st of August. At the event new students from different fields gather around the Hervanta campus frontyard. In this event you get to meet your fellow fuksis and get to know your tutors in a nice casual way.

This year, international student tutoring is arranged together with Tietoteekkarikilta which is the guild of computer science at Tampere University. All international tutors from our field are from TiTe. You should definitely check out TiTe’s fuksipage for additional information on orientation and such. You can also contact Eemil and Lauri if you have any questions! You can visit TiTe's fuksi page here.

Our campus also has its own International Teekkari Guild of Tampere University aka INTO. Be sure to have a look at their activities aswell. You can find INTO's website here.



Olli Huhtanen

Fuksi Official

Fuksi's checklist

Activate your TUNI account

Register for the academic year

Familiarize yourself with your degree programme at

Join important Telegram channels: Sähkökilta ry, Skillan tiedotus

Read your E-mail actively

Pay the healthcare fee to Kela

Apply for a study grant from Kela

Arrive at the orientation week

Orientation week schedule - This is where it all begins!


21st August 2022




22nd August 2022

First get together

In front of the main building

Degree programme lecture and getting to know the campus

12:30 17:00

Crêpe party



23rd August 2022


10:00 14:00

Getting to know the campus

Hervanta campus

The Ekat Bileet



24th August 2022


11:00 13:00
SA207 (S4), Sähkötalo

Waarallinen tehtävä Herwanta

Starts from the front lawn of Hervanta campus


25th August 2022

Getting to know the campus

Hervanta campus

Beach hangout



26th August 2022

Morning run

Starts from the front lawn of Hervanta campus

Do you still have questions? Please contact the fuksi responsibles!

Olli Huhtanen
Energiamurros fuksi official

Electrical engineering fuksi's short encyclopedia

Keskiasteen välitutkinto


Keski­asteen Väl­i­tutk­into is a dif­fer­ent sort of de­gree, in or­der to com­plete which you need to visit a few Her­vant-ean pubs. The event is or­gan­ized right in the be­gin­ning of the semester, and the new fresh­men (fuk­sis) will get to com­plete a de­gree of their own: the Fuksi De­gree (Fuk­s­i­tutk­into). This is one of the best ways to get to know Her­vanta!


Business visit

Ex­cur­sions, a.k.a. XQs, are or­gan­ized a couple of times a year. Usu­ally it is about vis­it­ing com­pan­ies in the area of elec­trical tech­no­logy. "Rankka" is an ex­cur­sion, which takes a few days longer.


Outdoor game

Dur­ing Wappu Skilta or­gan­izes a sport-ish event called Ku­mi­pelaus­ISO. In this game the in­ner tube of a wheel­bar­row acts the "ball". Usu­ally it is played at a beach, though some­times the game has taken a trip into the wa­ter too...

Sauna nights


A couple of times in a year we are hav­ing events at a sauna (you know sauna; the Finnish sub­sti­tute for su­per­food, since we don’t have sea­weed). There we sing, have fun to­gether, and of course go to sauna. These events are usu­ally or­gan­ized at Teekkarisauna called Mör­rimöykky near Hervanta campus.



Sitsis, or academic dinner parties, are dinners where you sing, eat and drink. Sitsis often have a theme, so people either dress up or wear overalls. The anniversary parties of various associations are also similar, but they are more official and you should dress better there. You can get familiar with sitsi culture by attending the annual fuksisitsis. There you can learn what sitsis are all about and learn the most common sitsi songs.


Student residence

Mikontalo is a legendary student residence owned by Tampereen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö (TOAS) and located in Hervanta. Mikontalo is particularly recognisable for its eye-catching architecture and impressive size.



Mörrimöykky, also known as teekkarisauna, is a sauna building particularly important to teekkaris. It's located on Tekniikankatu and various events are arranged there throughout the year.

Academic quarter


An academic quarter means, for example, that a lesson starts 15 minutes later than what is told on your schedule. Academic quarter is widely used in all university teaching and teachers usually mention explicitly if it is not used.



A second year student.



Bommari is a bomb shelter located in the basement of the University of Tampere's Hervanta campus. In Bommari you can spend your free time with activities such as floorball and skateboarding. Sitsis are also often organised in Bommari.

Front lawn


Front lawn is a grass area in the center of the Hervanta campus of Tampere University where various events are often organised.



Obelisk is a mirror-coated structure in the middle of the front lawn. It's often used a starting point for various events or as a general meetup place.

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