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Sähkökilta manages an exam archive you can use to support your studies.

Welcome to the exam archive of Sähkökilta!

Welcome to the exam archive of Sähkökilta. This archive contains old exams from courses at Tampere University. Currently the archive contains 1198 exams in total from 400 different courses. To keep the exam archive up-to-date, we hope that members of Sähkökilta would send exams they have taken so the exams could be archived. You can send exams for archival by dragging the exam files to the box below. If you have problems or questions regarding the exam archive, please send an email to tenttiarkisto(at)skilta.fi.

Upload a file by dragging or clicking.

Search the exam archive

You can search the archive by course code, course name or by extracts from the text of an exam.

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