Design an overall badge for Skilta

Aug. 20, 2015, 2:49 p.m.

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Sähkökilta hosts a design contest to find a new overall badge for the guild. The contest is open for all members of the guild. The new badge must be suitable for every teekkari and fuksi of the guild to wear on their overalls.

The winner will be given a gift card to the winner’s place of choice. The choice is limited to three options: Thirsty winner Hungry winner Slighty thirsty hungry winner The winner will also receive the new badge free of charge!

Send your badge design by email to The designs must be submitted before the end of the first period (before exam week). So the deadline is on Sunday 11th October 2015 at 23:59.

The winning design will be chosen by the guilds board, and the winner will be announced at the guilds autumn general meeting. The designer of the winning badge will be contacted afterwards.

Sähkökilta reserves all rights to not pick a winner if the submitted designs aren’t suitable to be official badges for the guild.

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