Guilds' Opening Sauna

Aug. 18, 2015, 3:01 p.m.


Guilds' Opening Sauna is here again to celebrate the opening of the next academic year! Keeping to traditions, this event is held at a sauna near lake Kivijärvi ( "Kivijärvi Leirikeskus", Kivijärventie 168, 34110 Ylöjärvi; approx. 25 km from Tampere) on Thursday during the first actual school week (27th August). Activities there include i.a. playing kyykkä, kumipelausISO, and volleyball; sauna; and BALL. To make sure all are full and happy pancakes are served and other snacks are on sale.

The event itself is free, and you can drive there yourself (do not drink and drive!) or come by bus. Skilta arranges bus rides there; ticket costs 8 euros and it includes an overalls badge! Tickets are being sold on Tuesday 25th August at 1 pm @Skilta.

There are four buses, and they leave as follows: - at 5 pm (2 buses) - at 6 pm (2 buses)

Returns: - at 11 pm (1 bus) - at 00:00 (3 buses).

Tickets are sold to specific buses, so as you buy yours you need to decide which bus you are riding to Ylöjärvi. Buses will leave from the parking area behind Tietotalo, and they are directed via the Beach Party of Fuksijaosto. Also one of the buses returning goes route Kekkosentie - Tammela - Kaleva - Hervanta.

The event at Facebook:

P.S The event is in the Fuksipassi!

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