Intermediate Stage Middle Degree

Aug. 18, 2015, 3:16 p.m.


The original Hervanta pub run is here again!

At the Intermediate Stage Middle Degree: The pub run in Hervanta you can visit the pubs and bars of the happiest neighbourhood in Tampere. You can complete a degree alone or with your friends. At the start of the round you get a map on which the pubs are marked. By taking stamps on your map for each consumed drink from the staff of the pubs and returning the map to the starting point you will complete a degree. This degree might be the most important degree in your educational life.

You may complete one of the following degrees:

Middle Degree (10/7) Post Degree (15/11) One More (16/12) One Too Many (18+n/14+n) Maggot (10/10) Fuksi Degree (4/4)

Numbers in the brackets tell you (for men / for women) how many alcoholic drinks you need to consume for each degree. Only in Maggot Degree drinks must be non-alcoholic. For a completed degree you will be given an overalls badge. The Fuksi Degree is meant only for fuksis and they can’t complete any other degree.

The event takes place on Wednesday 2nd of September. Starting point is right in front of Cupola Night Club between 17:00 and 20:00 o’clock. The maps must be returned before 22:00 o’clock. Tickets cost 5€ and include the afterparty at the renewed Cupola! Live music at the afterparty is provided by TTSS. You can buy your ticket at the starting point. The pre sales are on Tuesday 25th of August at the Sähkötalo upper hall at 11:30am and on Thursday 27th of August at the Guilds’ opening sauna. The pre sale tickets cost only 4€.

The event is also at Facebook:

The event is a part of the Nyyrikki round!

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