Apply to Skilta's Strategy Committee

Jan. 23, 2022, 2:01 p.m.


Have you ever wondered how associations are truly managed? Why does an association exist? These, and many more questions are answered if you participate in the renewal process of the strategy!

One of this year's projects is Sähkökilta renewing it's strategy. The strategy paper sets guild's long term goals, and means to achieve those goals. It is renewed in a specially appointed Strategy Committee, which will consist of members of the board and members of the guild alike. The Committee consists of 5 to 7 persons, which are selected by the Board on the basis of the applications.

Strategy Committee meets about 3 times in the spring semester and 4-5 times in the autumn. Committee's work should be finished round about October, so that the guild members have enough time to read the proposed strategy paper through and make corrections, if necessary, in the Autumn's General Meeting.

The application process is open from January 23rd to February 13th. The selections will be published as soon as possible after the Board's decision.

Apply from here.

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