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SkiltaCC will be closed on 1.6.2021, please save your information!

SkiltaCC is a remote Linux shell service available at maintained by Sähkökilta. Until now, the service has been available for the members of the board of Sähkökilta as well as all officials. However, the number of active users has been declining and nowadays the service has few active users. As such, the board of Sähkökilta has decided in its meeting on 28.4.2021 to stop maintaining the service. All existing SkiltaCC accounts will be deleted as a part of a server upgrade.

The existing SkiltaCC accounts will stop working from 1.6.2021 onwards. If you have an account which still contains information you want to save, please download the information onto your own computer before 1.6.2021.

If you have any questions regarding the SkiltaCC service or your account, please contact the IT-Guru of Sähkökilta either via E-mail it(at) or via Telegram @konsuliratakses.